Silvana Richardson

Differentiation in teacher learning: making it happen

The notion of differentiation as a response to the issue of student diversity in the language classroom is now firmly established in English Language Teaching. Over the last few decades materials developers, teacher educators and teachers have developed a range of strategies and resources to ensure that no student loses out and that every learner is given the right level of challenge. And yet the same is not always true of teacher learning.

This talk will explore why differentiation is as necessary for teacher learning as it is for student learning, and how teachers can be put in the driving seat of their own professional learning. It will present a number of evidence-informed approaches to teacher learning that offer the kinds of personalisation and choice that teachers need to become producers of context-relevant expertise.

Silvana Richardson is Head of Teacher Development at Bell Educational Services, Academic Director of Bell Teacher Campus, Cambridge, and Quality Programme Manager at the Bell Foundation. She has worked in English Language Teaching for over 30 years as teacher and academic manager, and has trained EFL, MFL, ESOL, EAL, CLIL and subject teachers and trainers in the state and private sectors both in the UK and abroad. She was Director of the Bell Delta Online and has written online materials for teachers. Silvana is a speaker at international conferences and a Quality Assurance inspector. Her latest white paper, Effective professional development: Principles and best practice was published by CUP in April 2018.