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The contemporary teacher faces a multitude of challenges; in evermore diverse classrooms in terms of students’ learning needs, cultural backgrounds, and uncertain futures, teachers are expected to be creative and flexible and learners in their own continuous professional development. Our schools have become learning societies that prepare for and are in constant connection with our local and global communities and every individual takes a treasure trove of interesting life experience to school every day. How can we best make use of that diversity and what are challenges involved for the English language classroom? How do we develop lessons that are both effective and engaging to all students and how do we support our individual students without unintentionally neglecting any of them? Which talents, of both ourselves and our students, can we use and which skills require further training to sustainably prepare for whatever lies ahead? At the NCE 2019, we aim to provide a platform for how we as teachers of English can guide our students and ourselves towards inspiring, personalized learning pathways.