About us

The NCE wishes to inspire professionals to continuously develop modern, high-quality English education at all levels of the Dutch school system and therefore to promote professional development of teachers involved in English language tuition in the Netherlands.

Executive Committee

Christien van Gool – Chair
Betty Molt – Treasurer / contact publishers
Hanneke Andringa – Secretary
Rias van den Doel – Adviser / universities
Rowdy de Graaf – Social Media / website
Jelle Hermens – Registrations
Fatima Kajouj – General member
Jelly van Rinssum – Herman Wekker prize

Mission Statement

We wish to contribute to the enhancement of educational effectiveness as measured by student achievement, in terms of practical language skills and life enrichment. We want to keep our activities closely linked to practitioners in the classroom, (inter)national developments in the field of English education and to expert organisations. We recognize both the value of experience and the importance of innovation. We are a non-profit organization, run by volunteers and work as ‘teachers for teachers’.