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The programme for 15 March 2019 has been completed. Plenty of interesting talks and workshops have been selected. Registration will be open in January: 150 euros for the whole day (students pay 75 euros)


No strike!

On 9 January a strike was announced for 15 March 2019 – we are not striking!! The…

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Noordhoff Main Sponsor NCE!

Noordhoff will again be our main sponsor for 15 March 2019. The programme will be sent out…

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Plenary speaker Silvana Richardson

Silvana Richardson will be our plenary speaker and she will be talking about empowering teachers and CPD…

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Programme finished

At the NCE 2019, we aim to provide a platform for how we as teachers of English…

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All main publishers will exhibit in Ede plus all kinds of other organisations – see the heading…

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