The all-inclusive English classroom?

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments: Managing Classroom Diversity and Technological Integration in the English classroom.

In today’s English classrooms, where students from diverse backgrounds, with varying proficiency levels, ambitions, LGBTQ+ and gender identities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and special needs come together to learn, there are both obstacles and opportunities that need to be explored. Ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for both students and teachers is essential in today’s modern classroom.

Which effective teaching strategies can be employed that address the varying needs, abilities, and backgrounds of students? Which strategies foster a sense of belonging and inclusion; how can diversity be embraced? Which resources, technologies, digital tools, and virtual platforms can enhance student engagement, facilitate personalized learning experiences, and support students with special needs? And how do we evaluate student development equitably?

In order for English teachers to understand their role in this and how that can be incorporated in language lessons, we are looking for experts who would be willing to share creative strategies, useful techniques, and transformative approaches on how teachers can foster environments in which every student can thrive and feel included.

We are looking for workshops and lectures that address all of the above and more. If you have ideas, contact us! Send an email with the elaboration of your idea for a workshop or lecture in roughly 200 words to  before Sunday 10 September 2023.