Linda Gijsen

Key language teacher competences in the 2020s

English Language Teaching (ELT) should arguably primarily involve preparing learners for using the language as a lingua franca in real world communication. Consequently, educating learners to become communicatively competent users of English in international communication has implications for the way in which English language learning activities should be organised and how we want learners to engage with tasks in inclusive foreign language learning contexts. In this presentation, I will examine how technology in the form of virtual pedagogical lingua franca exchange can be used to manage linguistic diversity and foster engagement in the ELT classroom.


Linda Gijsen is a senior researcher of Multilingualism and Education at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences where she currently also works as a lecturer and teacher educator of English and German. In 2021, she finalised her PhD on task engagement in virtual pedagogical lingua franca communication and participated in Erasmus+ projects (e.g. TILA and TeCoLa) that addressed diversity and inclusion in foreign language teaching. Her research interests include the use of technology in foreign language teaching, English as a pedagogical lingua franca, task engagement, and the professionalisation of teachers working in complex contemporary language learning and teaching contexts.